outdated password vault using deprecated php versions
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SimpleVault is a web-based tool that allows you to manage passwords or other secret information in a safe way. All secret information is encrypted using strong encryption algorithms. SimpleVault is particularly useful if you want to share secret information within a working group with trusted members.

This fork adds the following features and improvements the original simplevault 1.9:

The original simplevault resides on https://github.com/ckujau/simplevault

The project is available under the terms of the GNU Public License v3 (GPL3).

For bug reports or feature requests please visit our bugtracker.


  • webserver with htaccess-support
  • PHP5 or newer with the mcrypt library


  1. Download and unpack the SimpleVault package to the directory . By default, /var/lib/simplevault/simplevault.txt is used as the vault file where all encrypted and unencrypted data is stored. This file should be readable and writeable by the web server. NOTE: You must create the folder /var/lib/simplevault, and assign it permissions so that your web server can read and write to that folder. If you are using
    shared hosting and don't have direct access to the web server, you can change the location of the vault file to "vault/simplevault.txt". Ensure that this folder is not accessible from the internet!!

  2. Several configuration options, including the path to the vault file, can be overridden by editing svconfig.php. By default this file does not exist but a sample configuration file exists in svconfig.php-dist.

  3. That's it. Go to //index.php and start creating entries.


  1. Always use a strong passphrase.

  2. Do not use simplevault on unencrypted connections.

  3. Ensure that your vault file is not accessible from the internet. If you are installing simplevault on your own server, put the simplevault.txt file in /var/lib/simplevault so that it is not accessible on the internet. If you are using shared hosting, make sure the "vault" subdirectory is not accessible from the internet by using .htaccess files, or by making the directory private or password protected using your web host's control panel.

(c) Rolf Brugger, Oct 2007 & Rene Wagner, Oct 2017