Windows GUI tool thats helps you manage your raw files and sidecar files from raw converters like SilkyPix
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RawFileWizard is a small Windows utility to work with Digital Image RAW Files (CR2, RW2, PEF, DNG, whateveryoulike) when working with a raw converter which uses sidecar-files like Silkypix Developer Studio.

You can adjust the main configurations to your needs by using a small config dialog.


the tool asumes that your raw converter uses a folder structure of the following kind

base folder
|_ raw file
|_ JPEG folder
   |_ JPEG file 1
   |_ JPEG file 2
|_ sidecar folder
   |_ sidecar file 1
   |_ sidecar file 2

on a real world scenario, this might look like this:

|_ IMG0001.DNG
   |_ IMG0001.JPG
   |_ IMG0001_colorkey.JPG
   |_ IMG0001.spd


  • move files (raw, jpeg, sidecar) to selected destination folder
  • delete files (raw, jpeg, sidecar)
  • create a destination folder within tool
  • destination folder history for easier selection

supported languages

  • english
  • german


JpegDivider helps you split your jpeg files from raw files to create the folder structure mentioned above.

JpegDivider is currently only available in english.


Run the program from the commandline or by using the folder shell menu (right-click on a folder) when the program is registered (see parameters).

All jpeg files (Extensions jpg and jpeg) in the folder the program is executed on are moved to a defined subfolder in the same directory. You can set the desired subfolder name by parameter or save a custom value to be used on every program use (see parameters).


Parameters are listed when the program is called with jpegdivider.exe help.

jpegdivider.exe - move jpegs from current working dir to subfolder
jpgedivider.exe <path_to_folder> - move jpegs from specified folder to subfolder
jpegdivider.exe setfolder <folder_name> - set a custom folder name, default is JPEG
jpegdivider.exe register - register the program to folder context menu, run JpegDivider on a selected folder from Windows Explorer
jpegdivider.exe deregister - remove the programm from folder context menu
jpgedivider.exe help - show this help