Collection of small scripts written in Perl which provide some useful file management functions for photographers.
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This rather small scripts written in Perl provide useful function for managing (raw and output) files for photographers.


Simply clone the repo or manually download the scripts from

To run the script, open a shell and invoke perl <script>, on most systems it should be sufficient to just invoke script (after you granted execute-permissions to the script).

prerequisites for running the pure scripts

  • Perl 5.30 (or newer)

Additionally the following perl modules need to be installed:

  • Cwd
  • File::Basename
  • File::Copy
  • File::HomeDir
  • File::Spec::Functions
  • File::Find::Rule
  • File::Find

ART helper scripts

Helper scripts to manage files which where handled by ART, the easy-to-use RAW converter forked from RawTherapee.

processed file mover

Filename: afm

Moves all already converted raw files and their corresponding jpegs to a given folder.

generic scripts


Filename: jd

Moves all jpeg files (suffixes .jpg and .jpeg) in the given folder or the current working directory to the subfolder JPEG (or the given subfolder).

Silkypix helper scripts

Helper scripts to manage the sidecar data files created by Silkypix Developer Studio.

Silkypix usually uses a folder structure similar to this example:

base folder
|_ RAW0001.DNG
|_ RAW0002.DNG
   |_ RAW0001.jpg
   |_ RAW0002.tif
   |_ RAW0001.DNG.10.spd
   |_ RAW0002.DNG.10.spd
   |_ RAW0003.DNG.10.spf

orphaned sidecar cleaner

Filename: sposc

Deletes all sidecar files in the given directory or alternatively in the current working directory when the associated raw file is missing.

multiversion sidecar cleaner

Filename: spmvsc

Deletes Silkypix Sidecar files when newer versions of the files are available. This usually happens when a file is opened in a newer version of Silkypix, as the sidecar files are version specific.