online rss & atom feed reader for gemini
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orrg (online rss feed reader for gemini)

public instance: [gemini://]

orrg is a cgi script for gemini servers. It delivers an easy way to consume atom or rss feeds shipped over http(s) within gemini.

Lists of popular and recently visited feeds as well as viewing a random feed help you discover new things.


  • load an atom/rss feed from gemini or https (http is deliberately not supported!) given by user input
  • render feed (channel info & entrys) as a gemini site
    • include links to originating site and every article
    • strip html tags from item description
  • lists of popular and recently visited feeds
  • random feed selector

gemini-protocol-support is currently implemented using gcat till popular perl libs have catched up. :)


orrg will never be a full-fletched feed aggregator with archiving and searching capabilities.

Given this restrictions is not suitable for high traffic feeds which are updated very often. But it should work quite well for slow paced feeds of blogs and so on.


  • setup your geminiserver with cgi enabled
  • git clone the repo to the directory
  • open the capsule in a gemini client


  • gemini server with cgi enabled (like gmnisrv or stargazer)
  • Perl >= 5.28 with modules
    • URI::Escape
    • XML::FeedPP
    • DateTime
    • DateTime::Format::ISO8601
    • HTML::Strip
  • Python 3 for gcat
  • wget