My Tiny Todo, extended. A minimalist but functional todo list and bugtracker
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(C) Copyright 2009-2010 myTinyTodo by Max Pozdeev <>
(C) Copyright 2017 fork myTDX by Jérémie FRANCOIS <>
Licensed under the GNU GPL v2 license. See file COPYRIGHT for details.
if(!is_file('db/config.php') || !is_file('db/todolist.db'))
die('Bad or missing configuration. Did you run the <a href="setup.php">setup?</a>');
$lang = Lang::instance();
if($lang->rtl()) Config::set('rtl', 1);
if(!is_int(Config::get('firstdayofweek')) || Config::get('firstdayofweek')<0 || Config::get('firstdayofweek')>6) Config::set('firstdayofweek', 1);
define('TEMPLATEPATH', MTTPATH. 'themes/'.Config::get('template').'/');
require(TEMPLATEPATH. 'index.php');