Free and Open Source PHP Comment System. This project is an enhanced fork of
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Usage Guide



  1. Install and configure Hashover-Legacy as mentioned in the Readme
  2. Apply settings to Chevereto under Dashboard -> Settings -> External Services
  • Comments API: JavaScript/HTML
  • Comments Code:
    Replace the values to your needs, you especially should adjust the <path to your image route section>, by default this is something like
    The use a canonical URI for hashover is highly recommended as the page title in Chevereto changes when an image is renamed. Using the canonical URI only the image ID is used for referencing the comments.
<script type="text/javascript">
       var rows="6";        // Sets "Comments" field height
        var name_on="yes";    // Disables "Name" field
        var passwd_on="yes";  // Disables "Password" field
        var email_on="yes";   // Disables "E-mail" field
        var sites_on="yes";   // Disables "Website" field
 <script>var canon_url = '?canon_url=' + encodeURIComponent('<path to your image route>' + window.location.href.slice(window.location.href.lastIndexOf(".") + 1)); 
document.write('<script src="/hashover.php' + canon_url + '"><\/script>');</script>
<noscript>You must have JavaScript enabled to use the comments.</noscript>

The section where the canon URI is put together could need some improvement.