faq engine for gemini with full text search
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gmnifaq is going to be a simple, self-hostable FAQ-engine for the gemini protocol.

Visit the demo.

already implemented

  • tags
  • questions
    • all
    • by tag

planned features

  • searching
  • admin site with auth


  • setup your geminiserver with cgi enabled
  • git clone the repo to the directory
  • rename the files
    • gmnifaq.conf.example to gmnifaq.conf
    • data/data.sqlite.example to data/data.sqlite
  • enter your FAQs into the db (with SQLiteStudio or similar) - only till admin site is finished


  • gemini server with cgi enabled (like gmnisrv or stargazer)
  • Perl >= 5.28 with modules
    • URI::Escape
    • DBD
    • DBI::SQLite
  • SQLite