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# gemini capsule @ en.gmn.clttr.inf
Welcome to the english section of my gemini capsule!
You'll mostly find tech and coding related stuff here.
=> gemini:// Hier entlang zur deutschsprachigen Sektion.
## 🗩 shortlog (latest 3 updates)
### 2021-10-28 cgmnlm 1.0
My colorized fork of gmni - cgmnlm - has just reached the 1.0 milestone. Nothing spectacular happened in the last weeks, but there were two small bugs left that i wanted to hunt down before flagging a release.
=> cgmnlm.gmi more infos about cgmnlm
### 2021-10-14 gemini is almost complete
It's only a small step for gemini to replace the "common web" that there is also a capsule about Amiga software
=> gemini:// Karl's Amiga page
### 2021-10-12 Smartphones vs real cameras
=> gemini:// Re: Solderpunk: Smartphones vs real cameras
For me, solderpunk completely hit the point in why using a "real" camera for taking photos is a completely different feeling than using a smartphone: A tool that is dedicated for taking photos vs a tool that is dedicated for carrying around and which tries to accomplish a vast variety of tasks.
The imersion a camera with a dedicated viewfinder can create leads to a hugely different approach on taking photos and leads to different results than the "point and click" style of smartphones.
Just give it a try - although you'll probably need to get familiar with the basic physical concepts of photography in the first place, the ones that usually some sort software in your phone tries to take care of.
=> archive.gmi shortlog archive
## 🛈 info & articles
=> hosting.gmi (outdated) my self-hosting setup
## 🗐 coding
### gemini related
=> cgmnlm.gmi cgmnlm, a colorful gemini line-mode client
Perl maybe considered oldschool by many, but it is still very good in text processing - which is the very core of gemini. Therefore it is obvious to use perl for cgi with gemini.
=> gemini:// orrg, online rss feed renderer for gemini
=> gemini:// source of orrg
=> gemini:// gmnifaq, a dynamic FAQ-engine for gemini capsule
=> gemini:// source of gmnifaq
=> my gemini related projects on
### photography related
As a amateur photographer i created some open source tools which support my development workflow
photo-stats is a small statistics processor for your terminal
=> gemini:// source of photo-stats
=> photography workflow tools on
## 🕮 About me
I started my "computer career" in the late 1980s, when i wrote BASIC programs on one of these:
=> Robotron KC85/4
I've since been a tech addict interested in coding and admin stuff. I embrace the KISS principle, i guess that's why i'm so excited about gemini.
After 15 years of working as a software engineer, i'm now more into backend stuff. Honestly i have never been that good in creating a new piece of software from scratch, but i'm pretty good at picking some random stuff and improve it. Thats why whenever there was a piece of "legacy software" that needed to be maintaned it got on my desk.
I run a few public sites on the "ordinary web":
=> - german photography community
=> - my private shortlink service
=> - my Friendica instance, part of the fediverse
Besides "tech" my spare time is mostly dedicated to my wife and our dogs, motorcycling and photography. Sometimes even some casual gaming.
### 🖃 contact
=> eMail
=> profile on my private Gitea instance
=> fediverse account @
=> personal photo showcase
> licence: CC-BY-NC-SA © René Wagner