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# cgmnlm @
'cgmnlm' is a colorful gemini line-mode client
=> ./cgmnlm.png screenshot of 'cgmnlm' (png, 71 kB)
cgmnlm should be able to run on any POSIX-compatible system that supports BearSSL. This should be pretty much every up-to-date linux distro and BSDs. It even runs on a Raspberry Pi.
## key features
* bookmarks
* page history
* regex searches
* basic client certificate support (no autocreation of client certs currently)
## non-features
* no inlining of any link type
* no caching of page content
* no persistent history
## modifications compared to upstream
=> This project is of fork of Drew DeVaults 'gmni'.
I created this project for my own use, it includes the following changes that won't be included upstream. Besides this adjustments i'll try to keep track of upstream changes or send patches to upstream if appropiate.
* colored headings & links (see next chapter)
* default 4 char indenting
* s command to search in geminispace (via
* k command to remove the bookmark for the current page
* e command to open the current URL in default external program (requires `xdg-open`)
* e[N] command to open a link in default external program (requires `xdg-open`)
* t[N] command to download the content behind a link to a temporary file
* a command to toggle between preformatted text and the associated alt text
* u command to navigate 1 path element up
### colors
The actual colors used depend on your terminal palette:
* heading 1: light red
* heading 2: light yellow
* heading 3: light green
* gemini link on same capsule: light cyan
* gemini link to another capsule: dark cyan
* non-gemini link: light magenta
* preformatted text: light gray
## list of commands
``` list of all cgmnlm commands
<Enter> read more lines (if available)
<url> go to url
[N] Follow Nth link (where N is a number)
p[N] Show URL of Nth link (where N is a number)
e[N] Send URL of Nth link or current URL when N is ommited to external default program
t[N] Download content of Nth link to a temporary file
b Back (in the page history)
f Forward (in the page history)
u one path element up
H View all page history
m Save bookmark
M Browse bookmarks
k Remove bookmark for current page
r Reload the page
/<text> search for text (POSIX regular expression)
n jump to next search match
d <path>Download page to <path>
|<prog> Pipe page into program
[N]|<prog> Pipe content of Nth link into program
a toggle usage of alt text instead of preformatted text
q Quit
## how to get
=> gemini:// browse the source of cgmnlm on gemini
=> gemini:// source tarball of release 1.0
=> source code & issue tracker on
=> ArchLinux AUR packages
### build yourself
``` commands to build cgmnlm
$ git clone
$ mkdir build && cd build
$ ../configure
$ make
$ sudo make install
Drop me a note if you are interested in packaging or have demand for a specific package.
=> index.gmi [home]