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# shortlog archive 2020 @
## 2020
### 2020-12-30 gitea self hosting
probably the last update in 2020
i've been tinkering with a rented dedicated server and gitea self hosting since yesterday. Mostly out of curiosity, but now i'm thinking about permanently moving my stuff to this one and pull it "home" to the server hosting this capsule
I will take some time till i make decision
=> self-hosted gitea test drive
### 2020-12-25 christmas lazyness
although i'm home alone (my wife is at work) and have enough spare time to do some coding, christmas lazyness has taken me.
a few friends got me involved in some funny casual online games which just take to much time 😎
### 2020-12-17 small additions here & there
using orrg more or less as a daily driver for some feeds i stumble across various monstrosities of useless formatting inside the xml sources. I'll try to fight and improve the feed rendering whenever possible
in the meantime i'll keep adding some interesting capsules to transit, still a lot left to explore
### 2020-12-14 geddit
i came across *geddit* a few days ago - a interactive link collection with commenting system - i really like the community based approach to collect interesting stuff in geminispace. We'll see how long it takes until spammers take over ...
=> gemini:// go to geddit
### 2020-12-13 monit
i finally got around to update gmnisrv to the latest commit and set up automatic restart in case of a failure. Hopefully this will result in less outages to the gemini services hosted on
=> hosting.gmi have a look at my hosting setup
=> transit/ additionally a few feeds were added to transit
### 2020-12-06 transit
more pandemic caused restrictions coming in here in bavaria, so there's more time exploring the gemini space.
=> transit/ transit, my personal gemini feed
### 2020-11-30
orrg has seen some good progress in the last days. It's state seems mature enough to publish it on the mailing list and move it to a permament URI:
=> gemini:// my public orrg instance
### 2020-11-25 feeds for gemini
I'm proud to introduce *orrg*, a rss/atom feed reader for gemini. orrg renders a rss or atom feed as gemini site for easier reading. There is still some work to do to make feeds with heavily rely on HTML for formatting look good, but it essentially works already.
=> gemini:// orrg demo rendering the commit log of the repo
### 2020-11-22 where is this capsule run?
gemini is great for people who'd like to be indepented and self-host their services. For whom it may interest i've added a description of my setup. See the *info* section below.
### 2020-11-18 gemini gets interactive
Out of curiosity i started to implement a faq engine to be used with a cgi enabled gemini server. of course this utilizes SQLite, a project which i'm a great fan of. It will be open source and hosted on SourceHut, have look at the links below for the repo
=> gemini:// Here's a demo of the faq engine.
### 2020-11-12 gemini needs more features!
gemini aims for simplicity, but there's ongoing chat on the mailinglist to add this or that feature to the spec.
=> gemini:// Here's to ultimate site which will answer your question, when a specific feature will be available in gemini.
### 2020-11-03 gemini got me
This gemini project really got me. As a long time perl dude i was curious to see perl cgi working in conjunction with gemini.
=> gemini:// quick'n'dirty perl cgi demo using gmnisrv
### 2020-11-02 let's get started
After the advocating for gemini of ddevault i finally setup a gemini space on my machine to tinker around with it.
The move to our new house should be completed in a few days. Although there much left to do in the upcoming months, i hopefully will have more time to do some coding stuff again and add more content to this gemini space.
=> index.gmi [home]