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# interesting feeds @ /en/
List of feeds i read more or less regularly. The feeds are converted to gemini using orrg.
=> online rss (& atom) feed reader for gemini
The feeds are sorted by name, no other rating intended.
Mostly english and german language.
## something about "the world"
=> gemini:// Graslutschers Blog
=> gemini:// Pedelec Monitor
## tech related blogs
=> gemini:// codeberg news
=> gemini:// Drew DeVault's Blog
=> gemini:// Drew DeVault's Geminispace Blog
=> gemini:// fefe's blog
=> gemini:// Haiku Project
=> gemini:// Kopfkrieg's Blog
=> gemini:// Kuketz IT-Security Blog
## tech news
=> gemini:// Phoronix News Feed
=> ./index.gmi [home]