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# shortlog archive @ /en/
## 2021
### 2021-03-15 deutsche Sektion & cgmnlm
I finally started a german section of my capsule, you'll find the link above. There's currently no usefull content, not sure what will be there in the future, but i don't intend it to be a simple mirror of the english stuff.
cgmnlm finally made the switch to BearSSL like upstream did a few days ago. The AUR package is updated to match this change.
### 2021-03-12 ideas - but nothing ready for publishing
For some time now i've been thinking about adding a german section to my capsule. Writing longer texts in english is currently somewhat exhausting for me - on the other side i could use some more exercise in writing english.
I'd like to use gmnifaq to build a personal faq selection of some tech stuff i rarely need but need to search for when i eventually need it. gmnifaq - although missing a admin section - is ready for doing such things (including full-text-search). I just need to set down and get it done.
There have been some posts from geminauts who are working part-time on their day job:
=> gemini://
=> gemini://
I've gone part-time a few months ago and i want to second the proposals: if you can afford it and don't define yourself by your job, go part-time and use the newly reached free time for yourself. in the proposed german section of this capsule I may eventually write some more info what changed for me.
### 2021-03-09 cgmnlm news
cgmnlm now supports direct searching in geminispace, obviously using :-D
I'm currently not sure if i follow the upstream change to BearSSL. I gonna keep track of the discussions on the mailinglist. For the time being cgmnlm will stick to OpenSSL.
=> BearSSL - a smaller SSL/TLS library
### 2021-03-06 "smart"phone
I was looking for a new "smart"phone to replace my Galaxy A3. There's actually no compact (like the aging A3) phone available that has reasonable more power than my old phone. I ended up buying a new microSD and will keep using the A3.
In an attempt to workaround the GUS issue mentioned in the 2021-02-26 update i messed up the current index. 🙄 Reindexing is ongoing but will take some hours. Nevertheless i hope the workaround will do...
### 2021-02-26 short glimpse of spring
The last days felt very much like its spring already. My wife and i started to do some gardening here and there. We moved to our new house mid November and it's still much to do to make the yard match our needs.
For gmnifaq[1] i started to work with full text search in SQLite. I need to do some more investigation, but i think it can be a good replacement for the unmaintained whoosh which is currently used by GUS. This would probably solve the problem of index updates blocking the search function.
=> gemini:// [1] demo page for gmnifaq
### 2021-02-17 life is going on
Still busy with various maintenance tasks around and GUS. At least index updates happen regularly but it's still some manual effort from time to time which needs to be ironed out.
I started migrating from my Intel-based home server to a Raspberry Pi 4 based setup. It's a quite comfortable situation cause both can run simultaneously and i migrate one service a time as i have time.
After some really cold days with lots of snow it seems like spring is coming to my part of the world way too early.
Although i'm really looking forward to jump on my motorcycle for a ride i kinda miss "real winter" feeling as it was like 20 years ago.
### 2021-02-08 GUS & Raspi
The last days i've spent to most spare time learning more about GUS and in improving the robustness of the crawl and index process. A robust process is essential for unattended execution.
I'm thinking about moving my home server to a Raspberry Pi based setup. Some decisions need to be made for special use cases, but most stuff will suite well to a Raspi.
The write-up about a Raspi-based surveillance cam is still pending...i'd rather mess around with some code instead of writing boring documentation. :)
### 2021-02-01 has been announced to the mailing list yesterday, making it somewhat official.
I'll have some small patches pending for GUS and cgmnlm - i really enjoy the ease of hacking for gemini.
There's one of these hype "awesome" type lists for gemini as well, iv'e added a link to the section below.
### 2021-01-26 new search in town
I'm happy to announce that, a new search provider in geminispace is now available for public testing
=> gemini:// is based on the great GUS by Natalie Pendragon.
Feel free to try out and reach back to me if you'll find glitches.
### 2021-01-24 cgmnlm publishing
There's an ArchLinux AUR package for cgmnln, but for any other system you currently need to build for yourself. Not sure if i should provide prebuilt packages for one or another system, e.g. the raspberry Pi OS, Debian and so? Drop me a message what you think about it.
### 2021-01-13 you already guessed it
Moved my code to my own gitea instance which now runs on my home server
### 2021-01-09 raspberry fun
The raspi arrived yesterday and was up to serve my use case in less than 2 hours. I'd expected it to be much more hassel to set things up (ok, i'm a long time linux user with quite some knowledge...)
Gonna write some more lines about what i wanted to achieve and what i did.
### 2021-01-05 cgmnlm
i've created a fork of gmni (or to be more precise gmnlm) which i call *cgmnlm* as it adds colored formatting to the gemtext special lines
=> ./cgmnlm.gmi cgmnlm what?
After quite some time thinking about getting a raspi (or similar) for tinkering i finally ordered one. should arive soon, first use case is to set up a surveillance cam for the dogs. I'll keep you updated how it goes.
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