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## News
### 2021-03-19
Not sure if i can keep the updates schedule set on every 3 days.
Current crawl is running for more than 24 hours now and it's still not finished yet.
### 2021-03-08
The shady workaround is now in place - index updates won't block searches anymore.
This is even more important with the ongoing growth of geminispace - as of today there are more then 750 capsules we know about.
### 2021-03-06
I'm currently working on a workaround to avoid the index update blocking search requests.
Unfortunately i broke the index during this...need to be more careful when doing maintenance.
### 2021-02-26
I've made some adjustments on how GUS/ uses robots.txt.
Previously we tried to honor the settings for *, indexer and gus user-agents. That didn't work out well with the available python libraries for robots parsing and GUS ended up crawling files it wasn't intended tto.
We now only use the settings for * and indexer, no special handling for GUS anymore. All indexers unite. ;)
### 2021-02-02
The first fully unattended index update has happened last night.
There are still some rough edges to be cleaned, but we are on the way to have up-to-date search results without manual intervention.
### 2021-01-29 has just been announced on the gemini mailing list.
### 2021-01-25 is going public! Yeah! :)
### 2021-01-18
test drive of instance started
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