source of - the search provider for gemini space
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from whoosh.fields import TEXT
from whoosh.index import open_dir
from whoosh.query import Every
from gus.lib.gemini import GeminiResource
from gus.lib.whoosh_extensions import UrlAnalyzer
def main():
ix = open_dir("index")
with ix.writer() as writer:
writer.add_field("domain", TEXT(analyzer=UrlAnalyzer()))
with ix.searcher() as searcher:
query = Every()
results =, limit=None)
for result in results:
domain = GeminiResource(result["url"]).normalized_host
with ix.writer() as writer:
url = result["url"],
domain = domain,
content_type = result["content_type"],
content = result["content"] if "content" in result else None,
prompt = result["prompt"] if "prompt" in result else None,
indexed_at = result["indexed_at"],
if __name__ == "__main__":