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A Gemini web browser using shell script



Move the file astro to a folder in your PATH variable, or run make, by default it will be installed into ~/.local/bin. Use PREFIX to override the install location.


Start browsing by running astro with an optional URL:

astro gemini://

you can omit the protocol and port:


no arguments takes you to


Client certificates

astro can work with client certificates if capsules requires them for authentication.

astro allows a single client certificate per (sub)domain identified by it's name. If a client cert for a specific domain is available astro will send it to the server with every request.

When a resource requires a client cert and astro can't find one it will show you a command to create a client cert for the capsule. The certicates are stored in ~/.config/astro/certs/.

To remove a certificate simply delete the <domain>.crt and <domain>.key files in the directory mentioned above.

Key bindings

  • b to go back one page
  • o to open a new URL, you'll be prompted to type it
  • r to reload the page
  • H to go to the home page
  • g to follow a link in the current page, a link will be displayed, and
  • s to save the page to a file
  • m to add the current page to bookmarks
  • M to go to a bookmark
  • q to quit

More coming.


You can setup a config file at ~/.config/astro/astro.conf to configure astro the way you like.

The file uses a simple key=value style, see the complete example for the default values below.


  • astro will be appended to cachehome, the directory must be writable for your user.
  • The style- keys must be ANSI style codes.


This software is a work in progress and may not work as it is intended to.

Further works

  • Better history
  • Opening files
  • Support input

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