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Buran is a simple Gemini protocol browser for Android.

Todo list

  • Utility for creating and managing client certificates
    • Keystore generator and catalog
    • Option to require password or biometric authentication
  • Color palette interface for picking background and accent colors
  • Option to render links as buttons
  • Inline rendering of images
  • Page navigation feature
  • Update notifier

Statement about Ariane

I've seen some pretty cringe discussion in geminispace complaining about the decision by Öppen to close-source the Ariane browser, sometimes referencing this project as a more "stable" or "principled" project. Just to be 100% clear, I think that the license that Öppen used for Ariane 4 was actually much better than the one that Ariane 3 used, and I would have made the same decision if the EUPL was compatible with copyfarleft. Although I wish Ariane could continue to grow as an open-source project, I respect his decision to make Seren closed source. I only made this fork out of a legitimate desire to keep some fragment of this project public and an interest in learning Kotlin. Even though this fork exists, you should still consider buying a copy of Seren. He's definitely a better developer than me, and I don't want this project to be used as a rhetorical tool against him.


Buran is based on the Ariane source code (now Seren), created by ÖLAB.

The font used in code blocks is JetBrains Mono, created by JetBrains.

The glyphs used throughout the project are from Material Icons, created by Google.